Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He lives in NYC next to you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

love it!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All about small money

In the beginning of working with these pictures, I just wanted to count how much coins I have.
I wanted to spend my time more practically by counting my coins and doing assignment at the same time.

Total was $29.85.
It was not so great budget that I expected, but
I can buy at least a single product in H&M shop or
I can give these coins to homeless without a sense of loss.

That was the beginning of my idea from the pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Michael C. Place (Build)

He has their own unique style in his projects and Build also has his clear identity. His designs make me not to look over them most I did not give them any single glance before. Especially the uses of print medium were very exciting.



Interestingly, Less rain has three beach island resort offices: Sunny Tokyo, Sultry Berlin and Balmy London. Its strong concepts, great design, implementation and endless ideas give me motivation of life. I like its each work for clients and I also respect the way Less rain expresses itself through their website for quite long time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


In the summer of 2006, I was ready to leave for New York City. My last task was a moving sale for my studio. There were a lot of books, furniture, decorative objects and some nice kitchen tools. All of the items I had collected during several trips to other countries. I posted a sign on the wall on the front of my office building: “Moving Sale, #101, 08/15/2006 to 08/31/2006.” Also, I sent e-mails to people whom I had known. I was working on a bit of advertising. For the next two weeks, I took my two dogs with small signs around each dog’s neck whenever I met my friends, clients and acquaintances. Tori was my dachshund and Louis was my cocker spaniel. They looked great. When I was with friends or clients, they would wait for me in front of the caf├ęs so that the signs could be easily noticed. I was practicing promotion. One of my dogs walked around and ate a famous jazz musician’s cheese cake. The jazz musician was one of my clients. We talked about her plans for a dinner show. It seemed to me that I was doing publicity. She noticed the signs around my dogs’ necks. She laughed about it. The effect was public relations. Some neighbors, friends and clients visited my studio. They bought furniture, a group of books and various objects. The effect was a nice sale. However, it turned out that my first sale was not so good. I still had a lot of stuff from the studio in my previous room. But, in spite all of that, it was a great design experience that I had never done before, and now I have only half of them. : )